The railroad crossing (behind the DeLorean time machine) where Marty McFly came to a stop after arriving back in 1985.

"The car was coasting by the Hilldale housing development now, the place where the railroad tracks crossed the main highway. He [Marty] could hear the crossing gates clanging up ahead as the barriers lowered to stop traffic. Hey! It was pretty neat the way those gates closed when even something as small as the DeLorean showed up on the tracks."
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 202)

A railroad crossing was on Carson Spur at Hilldale, Hill Valley in 1985.


Located next to Shonash Ravine, the crossing was where the DeLorean came to a stop after Marty McFly returned from 1885. As it did, the crossing signals were active with a diesel locomotive coming towards the crossing. Marty bailed out just before the locomotive rammed and destroyed the DeLorean.

Behind the scenes

  • The railroad crossing location in real life is S. Ventura Road, Port Hueneme, California. The line on which the crossing can be found has since gone out of service.
  • A railroad crossing is known as a level crossing in the U.K.


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