A Match Made in Space

Raylene on the front cover of George McFly's novel A Match Made in Space (on the right).

Raylene was a character in George McFly's first novel A Match Made in Space, which was published by Probert Publishing[1] in 1985 and made into a movie in 1989.


Robert Zemeckis was due to direct and co-write a planned Hollywood remake of the movie adaptation of A Match Made in Space, and spoke exclusively to Michael Klastorin of USA Today for the news story Hollywood to remake "A Match Made in Space" which appeared on the front page of the October 22, 2015 issue.

Zemeckis revealed in the interview that his favorite scene in the book was when Raylene was threatened by the street tough and the character of Garth D'Vade first appeared, and said to the thug "Hey you, get your damn hands off of her!" — admitting that it still gave him chills.[2]



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