Hal Gausman as Mayor Red Thomas
Red Thomas
Biographical information
Date of birth1890s-1900s
Age (1931)30s-40s
Age (1955)50s-60s
Age (1985)80s-90s (possibly deceased)
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information
Red Thomas was the Mayor of Hill Valley in 1955. having been elected some time around the late 1940s.

After 1955

By 1985, the mayor of Hill Valley was Goldie Wilson. This was one of the first signs to a confused Marty, as earlier in the film he had seen a campaign van with loudspeakers encouraging citizens to re-elect Mayor Wilson. When Marty saw a 1950s campaign vehicle imploring voters to re-elect an incumbent mayor of a different name, he believed something was amiss in Hill Valley.


A 1950s campaign van encourages citizens to vote for the re-election of Mayor Red Thomas.

His campaign slogan was "Re-elect Mayor Red Thomas. Progress is his middle name". Like many mayoral candidates, he promised to lighten the tax burden of taxpayers. It is not shown whether Mayor Thomas was unseated or re-elected in the 1955 election. Over twenty years later, Mayor Thomas would be succeeded by Mayor Wilson by 1979, and by 1985 Thomas had died or retired from politics completely.

Behind the scenes

  • Though largely thought to be the same character as Red the Bum, they are not. According to Bob Gale's commentary on the Back to the Future DVD set, the name of the bum was ad-libbed by Michael J. Fox. Gale also commented that the photo of the mayor in 1955 on the side of the campaign van was that of set decorator Hal Gausman, whereas the bum was played by George "Buck" Flower.


Mayors of Hill Valley
1885: Hubert - 1931: Jack Thomas - 1955: Red Thomas - 1985: Goldie Wilson - 2015: Goldie Wilson Jr.
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