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Roger Jackson
Biographical information
Date of birthJuly 13, 1956
Age (1985)29
Age (2015)59
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information

Roger Jackson (born on July 13, 1956) voiced several characters in Back to the Future: The Game, including Judge Erhardt Brown, Cue Ball, Ernest Philpott, and Hampton.

Other roles[]

From 1998-2005, Jackson voiced the villain Mojo Jojo in the cartoon series The Powerpuff Girls which also included Cathy Cavadini who voiced Blossom.

In 2003, Jackson and Andrew Chaikin provided voice work for the video game The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King which included archive recordings of Elijah Wood.

In 2007, Jackson voiced both The Green Goblin and The Lizard in the video game Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, which also included voice work from James Arnold Taylor voicing the title character, as well as Joshua Keaton voicing The New Goblin and Joe Alaskey voicing Doctor Octopus.

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