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"Her [Stella's] husband had no intention of giving up television watching during dinner, however. Striding away from the living room set, he soon reappeared with a brand-new set on a plywood dolly. / "Look at this," he announced proudly. "I made the dolly myself so we can roll it in the dining room and watch Jackie Gleason while we eat." / "Oh, boy!" Milton exclaimed. / Mrs. Baines sighed wearily. About the only time she commanded attention was during dinner hour. Now Sam had found a way to take that away from her. But she was wise enough to know she couldn't fight it. "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 106)

A rolling stand was a piece of wheeled furniture upon which a television set could be placed in 1955, so that it could be moved from room to room in a home as required.


Sam Baines had bought one of these stands upon which to place the Baines family's new television set, and was assembling it in the living room of the Baines residence on the evening of November 5.

He later triumphantly rolled the set over to the head of the table so that the family, along with Marty McFly, could watch The Honeymooners while they ate dinner.

Behind the scenes

  • In the novelization, the rolling stand is referred to as 'a plywood dolly' which Sam mentions as having made himself (see Quote above).


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