Rolls royce nearly hit

The Rolls-Royce is nearly hit by Needles' truck.

"Jeez! I would've hit that Rolls-Royce!"

The Rolls Royce accident occurred in an alternate timeline where Marty McFly had a weakness in that he would never back away from a challenge if someone called him "chicken".

On October 27, 1985Needles dared Marty to compete in a drag race by calling him "chicken". Needles narrowly missed hitting a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I that had just pulled out of a side street, but Marty's Toyota Hilux crashed right into it.

Marty broke his hand in the crash, preventing him from ever playing the guitar again. The owner of the Rolls-Royce pressed charges against Marty for the damage to his vehicle. As a result, Marty gave up on his musical career and spent decades feeling sorry for himself.

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