Hvhs-hallway 1955

Ron Woodward's name on a poster at left.

"Ron Woodward for Senior Class President. The right man for the job"

Ron Woodward was a student at Hill Valley High School that ran for President of the senior class in 1955.

After George McFly stood up to Biff Tannen, it was suggested to George that he run for class president. If he did, it is likely he would have competed against Woodward. However, it is unknown if George did run and, if so, defeated Woodward.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DVD commentary to Back to the Future, it was pointed out by Bob Gale that the set decorators used the name of one of the crew as part of an inside joke. Ronald T. Woodward can be seen in the credits as the key grip, who was in charge of rigging and lighting for the filming of the movie. Woodward had previously worked with director Robert Zemeckis in Romancing the Stone.


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