Roris Von Hinklehuffins
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Roris Von Hinklehuffins was a stunt pilot who flew a biplane as part of the Roris von Hinklehuffins Flying Circus.  

Marty McFly, Jules Brown, and Verne Brown traveled from 1991 to August 5, 1926 in attempt to prevent an accident that caused Emmett Brown to have a fear of fishing. Instead, Emmett's line got tangled on the Hinklehuffins biplane. Emmett's stunt was recorded, and it caused him to become a silent film star when his Uncle Oliver signed a film contract with the director D.W. Tannen. After it became apparent that Tannen didn't care about Emmett's well-being, Oliver terminated Emmett's contract. Emmett's experience as a stuntman in his youth caused him to no longer have his fear as a grown man.