Roy's Records façade

The Roy's Records store with the album covers displayed in the window.

" Turning away from the soda shop, Marty continued walking past Roy's Records, another hangout for Hill Valley teens. Out front was a sandwich-board poster which announced: JUST ARRIVED—THE BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT, 16 TONS, MANY MORE... Color posters in the window showed four women singers who called themselves The Chordettes; others promoted "Patti Paige in the land of Hi Fi," "Eydie in Dixie Land," and "Unforgettable Songs by Nat 'King' Cole." There did not seem to be the slightest hint that rock 'n' roll existed or was on its way. "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, pages 82 and 83)

Roy's Records was a record store on Courthouse Square in Hill Valley in 1955.


Upon arriving in 1955 for the first time, Marty McFly heard "Mister Sandman" (by the Four Aces) being played out of a speaker outside the shop. He also observed a sandwich-board poster outside the shop announcing the arrival of "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" and "16 Tons." Four album covers were displayed in the shop's window (three of which were anachronisms, having not yet been recorded in 1955):

  • A Chordettes' self-titled compilation LP (which was not released until 1959)
  • Eydie in Dixieland by Eydie Gorme (which was not released until 1959)
  • In The Land of Hi-Fi by Patti Page (which was not released until 1956)
  • Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.

The window also featured a display for "The World's Smallest Radio".