Salesman: "Where'd you learn to shoot like that?"
Marty: "7-Eleven."
— After Marty demonstrated his skills with a Colt Peacemaker.

Samuel Colt's Patent Firearms was a Hartford, Connecticut based company founded by Samuel Colt that displayed and sold Colt Peacemakers for $12.00 at the Hill Valley Festival.


The salesman, Elmer H. Johnson,(novelization) convinced Marty McFly, under the guise of "Clint Eastwood" to shoot some targets at the shooting gallery in his sales wagon. Marty missed the first time, but shot the rest of the targets flawlessly. The salesman offered Marty a free Colt Peacemaker for use in a duel between him and Buford Tannen that Monday, but added that he would take the gun back if Marty lost.