September 2 is the 245th day of the year.


  • 1752, Saturday: Verne Brown believing himself to be adopted and Benjamin Franklin to be his real father arrives in Philadelphia, then Colony of Pennsylvania, on this date and prevents the experiment which caused Franklin to discover electricity. Doc, Marty and Einstein arrive after and manage to convince Verne to come home. as well as setting up lightning so that Franklin can make his discovery of electricity.

Note: September 2, 1752 was the last day of Julian calendar in Great Britain (including Pennsylvania) prior to the adoption of Gregorian calendar, which meant that the day was followed by September 14, 1752.

  • 1897, Thursday: With his ancestor leaving town, Marty filled in again and did well until Doc's baseball glasses and bodysuit were broken. It seemed that the team would lose until Pee Wee McFly returned to play, allowing for victory. Diamond Jim Tannen was arrested after.