The following events occurred on September 6.

1885, Sunday

  • Buford Tannen and his gang rob the Pine City Stage.
  • Marty McFly tests himself in the mirror for the duel with Buford.
  • Marty finds Doc Brown walking outside with a flower in his jacket.
  • Marty is sized for his coffin.
  • Doc decides to take Clara to the future.
  • Doc and Marty release the DeLorean time machine onto the tracks of Carson Spur in preparation for their return to the future the following day.
  • Doc sees Clara Clayton and tells her the truth that he is from the future, but Clara slaps him and rejects him for lying.
  • Doc goes to the Palace Saloon to lament his loss.
  • Marty sleeps out by the DeLorean.

Behind the scenes