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Marty tries the shooting gallery at the Hill Valley Festival.

" He [Marty] just had to get the hang of this thing [the Colt Peacemaker]. Maybe if he pretended to draw the gun from a holster — that was the way cowboys always did it in the movies. / He gripped the gun as he looked back at the wheel of ducks [on the shooting gallery]. Now he had to pull it out in one fluid motion, aim and point. / The gun fired almost before he could think about it. / The duck was down! / Hey! All right! Marty thought. Clint Eastwood couldn't have done any better. / And nobody laughed this time around. / Marty decided to try again. He aimed and took out a bear, and then an Indian. / "Not bad, son," the salesman admitted. / "Yeah," Marty agreed, 'it's just like videogames.' Especially that one game he always used to play, 'Wild Gunman'. / Johnson grinned at him as he reloaded the pistol. "Let's speed it up a little bit." / Yeah, Marty thought, just like Wild Gunman. Now, all he had to do was use the pistol like the plastic gun on the videogame. / He shot six times. Three ducks, two gunfighters and a bear went down beneath his bullets. / The crowd applauded. Mr. Johnson shook his head. / "Just tell me one thing, fella," the salesman asked. "Where'd you learn to shoot like that?" / Marty shrugged as he put down the empty pistol. / "Seven-Eleven," he replied. / Johnson turned to the crowd as Marty walked away. / "That kid's a natural if I ever saw one." "
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 116 and 117)

A shooting gallery was a facility designed for target practice with guns.


At the Hill Valley Festival on Saturday September 5, 1885, the sales wagon belonging to Colt Peacemaker salesman Elmer H. Johnson had an open side with an impressive shooting gallery within for customers to practice their shooting skills, which featured targets consisting of bears, ducks, gunslingers and Indians.

Marty McFly had gained impressive skill with a gun, having played the video game Wild Gunman at the Hill Valley 7-Eleven convenience store in the 1980s, and demonstrated this expertise at the gallery by quickly hitting six targets in a row — namely three ducks, two gunfighters and a bear.

Behind the scenes[]

  • A shooting gallery is also known as a shooting range, firing range or shooting ground.
  • On page 117 of the novelization (see Quote above), a misprint resulted in the line "Seven-Eleven," he replied reading ' "Seven-eleven," he replied ' instead. This error has been corrected here.


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