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The DeLorean time machine (nearest the hovering lane markers) arrives on Skyway C25.

Skyway C25 was a skyway that ran from downtown Hill Valley to Hilldale in 2015, and which was designated vector twelve by air traffic control.[1] The “C” indicates the freeway solely goes through California and likely means California.


The DeLorean time machine appeared in the middle of Skyway C25 in the wrong lane and facing oncoming traffic on its arrival in 2015 from Lyon Estates in 1985, almost colliding with a taxicab.

The skyway became jammed — or "SKEWED ON", to quote the SKYWAY CONDITION sign in Courthouse Square — on October 21. Cars on the freeway tended to go at least 80 mph likely meaning there were no speed limits on the skyway (or really high speed limits, primarily being 80 or 85 mph) (therefore ending the 55 mph prohibition limit) though infractions could happen by going the wrong way, crashing into cars, etc. According to the Mayor, people don’t have to worry about traffic. Despite this, the Skyway can be jammed at times.


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