"You remind me of your father when he went here; he was a slacker too."
—Mr. Strickland to Marty McFly
Slackers! Compilation with description

The slackers of Hill Valley in different timelines, according to Mr.Strickland.

A slacker was a person deemed to have poor discipline.


Hill Valley High School principal Mr. Strickland called many students that did not respect his level of authority "slackers", including Biff Tannen and George McFly. To Strickland, most members of the McFly family were slackers.

When Strickland's house was terrorized in 1985A, he confronted Marty McFly (who he had never seen in this version of reality) with a shotgun and said "I've never seen you before in my life, but you look like a slacker." Strickland was about to shoot Marty — or, judging from where he was pointing the weapon, literally destroy Marty's prospects of fathering children by Jennifer Parker forever — when his house came under attack by one of the armed teenage gangs terrorizing the neighborhood, thus diverting his attention. Marty took the opportunity to escape as Strickland screamed "Eat lead, slackers!" before firing off the weapon in their direction. This nightmarish ABC timeline was erased after Marty burned the Grays Sports Almanac in 1955.

When Marty introduced himself to Edna Strickland, she first identified him as "that McFly slacker".

While in 1931, Dr. Emmett Brown's mental alignment meter read Marty's mind map and he came out as a layabout. Marty wondered if the machine was calling him a slacker.