Biff's Smith & Wesson Model 60.


Biff with his gun atop the Pleasure Paradise.

" Without warning, Biff plucked the Sports Almanac out of Marty's hands. Marty realized he should have turned and run when he had the chance, but he had been in a bit of a shock, to actually see the book. / It was too late now. Biff had already stuck the book back in its box, and put the box on the shelf in the safe, then closed and locked the door. Apparently, show-and-tell was over. He turned back to Marty. / 'Oh,' he added, almost as an afterthought. He casually opened his desk drawer. 'The old man told me one more thing. He said, someday a crazy wild-eyed scientist or a kid may show up asking about this book. And if that ever happens —' / Biff pulled a .38 out of the drawer and pointed it straight at Marty's head. / 'Funny,' Biff confessed. 'I never thought it would be you.' / A gun? Marty hadn't expected a gun. / 'Yeah,' he said shakily, 'well, you're forgetting one —' Marty's jaw dropped open as he pointed to Biff's left. 'Hey, look!' / Biff jerked his head around, and Marty started to run. Thank goodness Biff still fell for that one. / Biff looked back, and Marty threw a frisbee-shaped ashtray at him. Biff ducked as Marty ran for the door. / Biff pulled the trigger once, twice, three times. Bottles and glasses smashed on the bar as Marty ducked the gunfire. But Marty was out of there! / He heard Biff yell into the phone as he ran down the hall. / 'Marty McFly's on his way down. Take care of him — permanently.' "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 133 and 134)
"I suppose it's poetic justice. Two McFlys! With the same gun!"
Biff Tannen

A Smith & Wesson Model 60 was the gun owned by Biff Tannen in 1985A. It consisted of a .38 Special.


On October 26, after telling Marty McFly about how he got the Grays Sports Almanac in 1955, Biff pulled out his revolver, cocked it and repeatedly fired off many shots at a fleeing Marty, missing all of them and destroying valuable items on display in his private office instead.

On the roof of Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel, Marty pointed out to Biff that the police would be able to trace the bullet to that gun. Biff replied by saying that he owned the police, adding that he had shot Marty's father with the same gun, the police had never been able to match up the bullet that time, and he doubted they would be able to do so now.

Fortunately, Biff was unable to shoot Marty, as the teen jumped off the roof and landed safely on the hood of the flying DeLorean time machine. Biff raised his gun, but the gull-wing driver's door of the DeLorean was suddenly whipped open by Dr. Emmett Brown — resulting in Biff being whacked on the jaw and knocked out cold.


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