The space-time continuum was the medium through which the DeLorean time machine and the Jules Verne Train navigated to reach a particular point in time. Traveling along this medium resulted from breaking the time barrier. The space around the vehicle did not change on temporal displacement, and within each time, the vehicle would have to travel to that location on its own power.

The space-time continuum consisted of all years in the past to an unknown point, perhaps the 4-digit limit set by the time machine itself. In the case of the DeLorean, the earliest time one could visit in the past was 0000, or year 0, and the latest being the last day of 9999. Years in the future were derived from the existing timeline of the visitor and altered accordingly. If something in the past was altered drastically enough, the new future timeline would be the future of that past. Only those living in each corresponding time period would take for granted the events in their timeline, and visitors would see the changes. However, if events were changed in such a way that it prevented the person who changed them to do so, it would create a paradox, the results of its effects being largely unknown. But Doc assumed that it would destroy the entire universe...or, at least the galaxy that the paradox occurred in.

Times that were visited by either time machine were as follows:

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