Otis Peabody: "It looks like an airplane, without wings."
Sherman Peabody: "That ain't no airplane! [Shows Tales from Space]"
— Believing they had just seen an alien craft land in their barn

A spaceship was a craft which was used to move towards and through outer space. Most spaceships were used in fiction with a background of alien origin and some were seen as flying saucers. Not until the space program of the 1960s were humans using spaceships and spacecraft of their own to reach space and the Moon.


In 1955, the Peabody family believed a spaceship landed on their barn and attempted to kill the alien that emerged from inside. Their belief was further fueled by Sherman Peabody reading an issue of Tales from Space. Unbeknownst to them was that the "alien" was in fact Marty McFly and his "spaceship" was the DeLorean time machine from 1985. After the incident, resulting in Marty running over one of Otis Peabody's prized pine trees, Otis went to the police to describe the "attack". Instead, he was carted off to the local madhouse.

In 1992, Dr. Emmett Brown had been using a flying craft to study Comet Kahooey; however, Biff Tannen mistook it for a spaceship and claimed that Doc was an alien.

In 2091, one type of spaceship used was the solar sail ship. Marta McFly was the captain of the MSC Jennifer.


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