ElKid Bar

The bar at the 'El Kid' speakeasy

A speakeasy, also called a blind pig or blind tiger, and known in slang as a gin mill, saloon, gin joint, juice joint, or simply a joint, was an establishment that sold illegal beverages during the Prohibition era in the United States. They often had secret entrances and often operated under a false facade of an alternate, legal, business in order to try to avoid detection by police.

Arnie "Eggs" Benedict ran a speakeasy in Chicago, Illinois in 1927. A rival gangster fired a tommy gun in Benedict's speakeasy, leaving much of the premises damaged, but leaving Benedict, Marty McFly, Emmett Brown, "Mugsy" Tannen, "Battleship" Potempkin, and "Bathtub Jim" McFly unharmed. After this incident, Benedict hired Marty to help his gang, as Doc had told him that Marty was the head of another gang from the east coast.

The Hill Valley speakeasy was operated by Kid Tannen in 1931. The speakeasy was destroyed in June 1931 by a fire set by Edna Strickland. After it burned down, a new speakeasy named El Kid was erected, underneath the Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen. The door to the speakeasy was guarded by Matches, and access would only be granted to those who knew the password system. The speakeasy could be turned into an ice cream parlor with the press of a panic button. It was closed after a police raid led by Officer Danny Parker on August 25, 1931.