Audio activation

Doc demonstrates the DeLorean's speech recognition

Speech recognition is the recognition of spoken speech by computers. The speech is processed by the computer, and when it is recognized, the computer performs the desired task.


In 1931, the Phone Booth of the Future at the Hill Valley Science Exposition recognized voice commands to make and cancel phone calls.

In 1991, Dr. Emmett Brown adapted the time circuits of his DeLorean time machine to be audio activated. It recognized human speech, and would automatically set the time, date, and destination to the desired location.

In 2015, Marty McFly, Jr. used speech to control the channels on the television set and also used voice commands to control the Garden Center fruit dispenser, which lowered from the ceiling and provided numerous varieties of fruit, sohe could select a healthy snack.

The Black & Decker hydrator used by Grandma Lorraine to hydrate a pizza for the McFly family's dinner was controlled by speech recognition, as she gave the instruction "Hydrate level 4, please!" into a speaker grille on the unit.

Marty McFly used speech to answer the video telephone by clapping his hands and saying "Hello? In here, please!" on entering the living room of the McFly residence, to indicate that this was where he wished to take the call from Douglas J. Needles.


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