The Spinner was a futuristic car in 2015.


In 2015, a black Spinner was parked on Second Street, as Griff's gang were chasing Marty McFly around Courthouse Square.

A green Spinner was also parked on a driveway in Hilldale.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Spinner was actually a fictional car from the 1982 neo-noir science-fiction movie Blade Runner, which is also set in a futuristic depiction of the 2010s. The vehicle was designed by Syd Mead and built by Gene Winfield. The 1963 show car the Strip Star and the StarCar from the 1984 science-fiction movie The Last Starfighter were also built by Winfield; both vehicles appeared in Back to the Future Part II as futuristic cars.
  • In Blade Runner, the Spinner was depicted as a police car with flying abilities, while in Back to the Future Part II it was a civilian vehicle.


  • The Spinner was built specially for Blade Runner, and therefore has never entered mass production.


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