Star Trek is an American science fiction media franchise that started with the TV series of the same name that originally aired from September 8, 1966-June 3, 1969. It has had several spinoff shows and movies, as well as exposure in other mediums like comics and video games.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine[]

  • In the episode "Little Green Men", Quark gets a new Ferengi shuttle from his cousin Gaila that he owed him for helping him start up his munitions business. Since Quark's nephew needs transportation to Earth before beginning his Starfleet Academy career, he tells his brother Rom that "If the boy wants to go to Starfleet Academy, he might as well do it in style."
  • In the series finale "What You Leave Behind," Miles O'Brien jokes about leaving the station to teach at Starfleet Academy because "somebody has to teach you officers the difference between a warp matrix flux capacitor and a self-sealing stem bolt."

Star Trek: Voyager[]

  • In the episode "Cathexis", Tom Paris reminisces about "Good Old Doc Brown". Early in the episode the ship's course is also repeatedly changed to 121.3, a subtle reference to 1.21 Gigawatts.

Star Trek: Enterprise[]

Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes[]

  • In #5 (released 2/15/12), the story sees the Legion of Super Heroes, and the crew of Captain James Tiberius Kirk sent into an alternate timeline. Members of both groups encounter an immortal emperor who states that they aren't the only time travelers to visit him. He shows them an exhibit of time travel vehicles, including the DeLorean time machine.[1][2]

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