The Statler family was a family that had been involved in the transportation business for over 130 years. In 1885, Joe Statler's business was called Honest Joe Statler, which advertised "fine horses sold, bought, and traded". However, the family business was diversified into franchised car dealerships by 1931, where it was Statler DeSoto. In 1955, it changed to Statler Studebaker. In 1985, it was Statler Toyota.

Before going into the used car business, Mr. Statler owned a ranch where Doc Brown worked when he was a boy.[1]

A series of commercials for Statler Toyota in 2015 featured Jimmy Joe Statler wearing multiple ties, and a hover car was visible in the reflection of the window. This would suggest that it took place in the original timeline as opposed to the timeline created after Doc went back in time to stop a nuclear holocaust in 2045.

A Pontiac dealership was located in the plot of land in Courthouse Square where Statler Toyota was located in 1985, so Statler Toyota had moved locations prior to October 21, 2015 or had closed down.

Behind the scenes[]

Toyota ran a series of real-world ads in 2015. They depicted Jimmy Joe Statler at Statler Toyota, advertising two new cars, a 2016 Toyota Mirai powered by a hydrogen fuel cell which could be powered by hydrogen converted from waste, inspired by the Mr. Fusion, and a 2016 Toyota Tacoma inspired by the Marty McFly's Toyota Hilux.


References and notes[]

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