Stephanie E. Williams
Biographical information
Date of birthFebruary 4, 1957
Age (1985)28
Age (2015)58
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Stephanie E. Williams (born February 4, 1957 in St. Louis, Missouri) portrayed Officer Foley in Back to the Future Part II.

She is perhaps best remembered for her roles in TV soap operas — most notably as Amy Lewis in The Young and the Restless (1973-ongoing), Dr. Simone Hardy on General Hospital (1963-ongoing), and Sheila Price on One Life to Live (1968-2013).

Trainor has also played dancer Stephanie Harrison during the second season of the TV show Fame (1982-1987), as well being the show's assistant choreographer; and the recurring character of Alexis's secretary Pamela in the soap opera Dynasty (1981-1989).

She is no longer in the acting profession, having retired in 2009.

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