"Jeez, they all look like they got sticks up their..."
Marty McFly when seeing the family portrait before being cut off by Edna Strickland
Strickland Family

Robert, Edna, Roger, and Irene Strickland in 1914.

The Strickland family is a prominent family in Hill Valley that mostly represented authority figures in the community. During the 1910s, the Stricklands were considered Hill Valley's "first family of the gaslight era". The known lineage began with Marshall James Strickland. His supposed son Roger was at his side whom he always taught "discipline".

Later in town history, Stanford S. Strickland, presumably the grandson of James Strickland, became principal of Hill Valley High School from the 1950s to at least the 1980s, and possibly the Dean of Hill Valley College. His parents were Roger and Irene Strickland. Stanford had two older siblings, a sister named Edna and a brother named Robert.

Another unnamed Strickland was mentioned by Verne Brown as being principal of his elementary school. It is possible that with this unnamed Strickland, and the possibility that Stanford remained principal and did not go on to become the Dean of Hill Valley College, that there could be up to three Stricklands in the education profession terrorizing "slackers" by the year 1991.

In addition, Ricky Strickland was a presumed relative of the family, but his relation to Stanford or Edna is unknown.

Family tree[]

                  Marshall James Strickland
                        Roger Strickland + Irene Strickland
                   +---------------------+--------------------+        Tannen family
                   |                     |                    |               |
     Stanford S. Strickland       Robert Strickland   Edna Strickland + Irving "Kid" Tannen
             (b. 1925)   

            Clay Strickland

                                                                       Tannen family