Strickland's house is riddled with gunfire.

"So you're the son of a bitch that's been stealing my newspapers!"
—Mr. Strickland

The Strickland residence was located a few houses away from Hill Valley High School.


In an alternate 1985, the school had burned down six years before, and former principal Stanford S. Strickland dealt with a constant threat of drive-by shootings and newspaper theft as he struggled vainly to keep order in a world gone mad.

Marty McFly happened upon it by chance as he ran from Lyon Estates to Courthouse Square in 1985A; as he did so, three police cars — with strobe lights flashing and sirens sounding — sped past the entrance of the neighborhood. When Marty picked up a copy of the Hill Valley Telegraph from the front porch to find out what year it was, he encountered Strickland, who was wearing a bulletproof vest over his nightshirt and racking a pump-action shotgun. Just as Strickland was about to use the weapon to literally ruin Marty's prospects of fathering children by Jennifer Parker forever, another drive-by shooting by an armed gang of five occurred and, ironically, saved Marty by interrupting Strickland, who called them "slackers" and fired back before chasing after them.

It is unknown if Strickland was already living there in the real 1985.