Strip Star Back to the Future Part II

A Strip Star parked on Second Street, with Marty McFly passing by on a hoverboard holding onto a rope.

The Strip Star was a futuristic car in 2015.


In 2015, a Strip Star was parked on Second Street when Marty McFly grabbed a rope from the back of a Jeep during the hoverboard chase between himself and Griff's gang.

Behind the scenes

  • The Strip Star was a show car which was built in 1963 by Gene Winfield, who also built the Spinner for the 1982 neo-noir science fiction movie Blade Runner and the StarCar for the 1984 science-fiction movie The Last Starfighter; both vehicles appeared in Back to the Future Part II as futuristic vehicles.


  • Being a show car, the Strip Star has never entered mass production and will only ever make appearances at auto shows and other exhibitions.


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