Suitcase Delorean
Marty: "Whoa! Heavy!"
Doc: "Heavy indeed! 2,796 pounds to be exact. After all, there's a car in there."
- Marty Struggling to lift the Suitcase DeLorean From  Back to the Future: The Animated SeriesBrothers.

The DeLorean time machine had the ability to convert into a suitcase which Doc had invented to store the car. The DeLorean would contract and shrink and then finally seal shut only to open at the sound of Doc's voice or Einstein's bark.

The suitcase would be unmovable by normal effort, as it was still a car, but a forklift could pick it up and move it around. This feature could only stop the DeLorean from getting stolen if it was parked in the street and it made the time machine easier to hide. However, this function is only believed to exist in the animated series.

Behind The Scenes []

  • The color scheme and design in Roman Holiday is different compared to its appearance from Brothers.
    Suitcase DeLorean in Witchcraft

    The suitcase conversion in Roman Holiday.

  • This Function was only used in 2 episodes and it is unknown why it was retired as it would have prevented many situations in some episodes.
  • Upon Further inspection, in Brothers, the DeLorean shrinks and compacts into a suitcase while in Roman Holiday it Shrinks and becomes a suitcase, this is why the color scheme is different.



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