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In regards to these sentences...

"Whether Needles himself faced any consequences is unknown; He seemed to be smirking as he hung up, indicating that he set Marty up. However, it is also possible Needles was smirking because of his supreme confidence in pulling off the scam, which may mean that Needles got his comeuppance by Mr. Fujitsu or the plant upper management. Since Fujitsu had monitored the transaction, and quickly fired Marty, he certainly would have fired anyone else involved in the scam."

...In the video call with Ito T. Fujitsu, Ito says "It was a sting operation, and you cooperated." (see 1:30 into  This would indicate that Needles was in on it with Ito and thus would not face any consequences himself.  As the sting operation only targeted Marty, no one else would have been fired. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Breese (talkcontributions).

  • Actually, it's Marty who claims that it was a sting operation, trying to convince Ito that he was doing it to expose Needles. Ito himself says, if you listen closely, "It was illegal and you knew". There is nothing in his statement that implies that this was an elaborate plan to fire one employee, but rather that he had overheard the conversation and, likely, would have fired them both, as well as anyone else involved. The Wikia Editor (talk) 9:24, 28 August 2016 (UTC)
  • Thank you WE. I listened to it again and, yes, only Marty said it was a sting operation.    
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