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Was Robert Zemeckis (or whomever was responsible for the naming of the device) thinking of the Fluxus movement when he/she/they decided to name it a "flux capacitor"? Perhaps he/she/they wanted to convey the idea that the Delorean time machine was its own "happening", and they covered it up by having Doc "invent" the term in 1955. (The word "Fluxus", itself, first emerged publicly in 1962.) 

Well, we do know that Fluxus gave us the flux box, the flux year box, the Fluxkit, Flux films, Fluxmedicine, proposals for Flux communes and a FluxFarm and a FluxIsland, as well as a Fluxshop. So why not a flux capacitor?  Rickyrab (talk) 05:37, February 26, 2014 (UTC)

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