Hi, im not sure where to put this,but i think that the Goldie Wilson Major "thing" is a movie mistake. In fact we allready see in the normal 1985,BEFORE Marty makes his first Time Travel,that Goldie Wilson wants be to be Re-elected(so he was allready Major once). That means He decided by himself to get Major.Because Marty did no Time Travel yet,right? Otherwise we would see a effect of Time Travel even before the first Time Travel. Im sorry but my English isnt Perfect. But i hope you get my idea.I realized it yesterday as i watched the 3 movies. I mean if the effects happends before he travelled Back in Time,that would mean that ALL effect should be there(changed parents etc..). Not only the Major thing.But that isnt the Case. So the only conclusion for that is,Goldie Wilson would get Major whatever happend.Meeting Marty in the 1955 Cafe makes no diference.

Tell me what you think ybout this.

Cheers Marc

  • I agree with you. Goldie Wilson would have become Mayor of Hill Valley anyway. Because of Marty, he first started thinking about it in 1955, instead of perhaps 1956 or 1957. Goldie was already going to night school, even before he met Marty. McFord 21:30, January 8, 2010 (UTC)
  • I agree with you too, but it's not a mistake, it's intended as a joke. It's obvious that a time traveler can change history, but the BTTF series shows how he can also accidentally cause an event to still happen but for a different reason. Marty's parents still get together, but because George defended Lorraine from Biff, not because she felt sorry for George's accident. The same goes for the reason Marty and Doc become friends, how Chuck Berry wrote Johnny B. Goode, how Doc invented the time circuits, the reason Shonash Ravine was named Clayton Ravine, etc. Western Union 17:38, January 12, 2010 (UTC)
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