Biff leaves his home at 1809 Mason Street. Gertrude Tannen's name can be seen on the sign hanging above the front door.

" He [Marty] pressed the talk button on his walkie-talkie. / "Yo, Doc! I'm at the address — it's the only Tannen in the phone book. But this can't be Biff's house. It looks like some old lady lives here." / At least, that's what he heard coming from the house, some old lady yelling all sorts of things. / Marty pulled out his binoculars to get a closer look. He could see a lot more this way, like the fact that the house really needed painting, or all those signs all over the yard. Marty read them one by one: / KEEP OFF THE GRASS! / What grass? From the few scruffy yellow strands left in the dirt, it looked like the lawn had died years ago. / But there were other signs, forbidding just about everything else: / NO PARKING! / NO TRESPASSING! / VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED! / THIS MEANS YOU! / And finally, slightly smaller and behind all the others: / TANNEN / Yep, on second thoughts, this was just the sort of place Biff Tannen would come from. "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 140 and 141)

The Tannen residence at 1809 Mason Street in Hill Valley was the 1955 home to Biff Tannen and his grandmother Gertrude Tannen.

Mrs. Tannen's name was displayed on a sign hanging over the front door.


The house had an adjoining garage, where Biff parked his Ford Super De Luxe Convertible when he was at home.

It does not appear that the Tannen family encouraged visitors, judging by the large handwritten sign at the gate reading NO TRESPASSING! / VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED / THIS MEANS YOU!! A post bearing a handwritten KEEP OFF THE GRASS! sign was also stuck into the lawn.

Marty McFly tracked Biff down to this location to retrieve the Grays Sports Almanac, and therefore restore the timeline from the nightmarish Biffhorrific 1985.

It was on the opposite side of town from the future Lyon Estates.[1]

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