Cab B25, in which Old Biff (who can be seen in the back seat) followed Doc and Marty in 2015.

Taxis were cars driven by people who would drive a person to a requested location for a fee. They were commonplace in the 20th and 21st centuries.


By 2015, taxicabs, like most vehicles, were able to fly, which rendered transportation much quicker than when they were road cars. However, the fares were much more expensive compared to the previous century.

The DeLorean time machine nearly collided with a taxicab when it departed from Lyon Estates in 1985 and appeared in the wrong lane of Skyway C25 on October 21, 2015, facing oncoming traffic.

On the same day, Biff Tannen followed the DeLorean, with Doc and Marty aboard, to Hilldale in Cab B25 from the Luxor Cab Company. Fred, the cab driver, had an intelligent parrot named Priscilla that could read the amount of the fare.

The cab had its own entertainment system consisting of "200 local channel stereo, mobile phone, food, beverage and snack dispensing systems".[1] Biff may have made use of this facility to pass the time while the vehicle was stuck on the jammed Skyway C25.

In 2091, Jules and Verne took a taxicab to the McFly Space Center to find their parents.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In Craig Shaw Gardner's novelization, which was based on the script for Paradox, the DeLorean nearly collides with not a taxicab but a vehicle described as "something that looked like nothing so much as a flying tractor-trailer" (quote, page 13), with the teamster leaning out of the window and yelling at Doc "Stay in your own lane, maxhole!" In the Paradox script, this term of abuse is spelled 'maxole', but this could simply be a misprint.
  • The taxicab is now in France where it has been owned by the company Tadico Events since January 2019, and is operated under the name The DeLorean Experience and Luxor Cab DS Taxi.


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  1. According to the Collector Card on the rear packaging of the toy Back to the Future Taxicab manufactured by Funrise, Inc. as part of their Back to the Future Part II three-vehicle series in 1989. This was not derived from any information given on-screen or in the novelization.