Marty McFly tries to make a telephone call to Dr. Emmett Brown on the payphone in Lou's Cafe in 1955.

"He [Doc] was dreamily anticipating public reaction to his coming experiment when he suddenly realized he had forgotten one of the most important tools to be used. / "Damn," he muttered. / Fortunately, it was 1985 rather than the old days when he would have been forced to find a public telephone booth somewhere in the mall. Reaching under the dashboard [of his step-van], he pulled out his telephone and began to dial."
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 42)

A telephone, or simply phone, was a device for audio communication with other users of other telephones, while a telephone call was an audio conversation or message that could be sent and received using a telephone.



Marty receives a telephone call at Doc's garage from Doc himself.

On October 25, 1985, Marty McFly received a telephone call at Dr. Emmett Brown's garage from Doc himself, warning Marty not to use the large amplifier there to play his guitar as it might overload. Unfortunately, Doc's warning had come too late, as Marty had already played a "power chord", been thrown backwards into a bookcase, and blown the speaker out.

On November 5, 1955, Marty made a call to Doc on the payphone in Lou's Cafe, after having looked up his number in the telephone directory, but received no answer.

By 2015, the video telephone, as well as video glasses, appeared to have superseded the normal everyday telephone of 1955 and 1985.

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