The Tabascos was the name of the band led by Douglas J. Needles.

On October 9, 1979, Doug Needles bought his way into Marty McFly's band The Pinheads using his mother's money. He suggested changing the band name to "Doug Needles and the Hot Sauce". The band members didn't want Doug in his band as he didn't know how to play his guitar, and he was a show-off. The next day he started his own band, and announced that he would begin going by the name Needles. He kept the same motif that he had come up with earlier, but with a slightly altered band name.

In 1982, Needles needed an interocitor tube for his guitar amplifier so that his band could play. He bullied Marty McFly to get one, taking his guitar as ransom until Marty could get him a new tube.