The third eye and Aerobic Center

The Third Eye in 1985.

The Third Eye was a business operated in downtown Hill Valley in 1985, and was the workplace of "Nancy", who billed herself as a "spiritual advisor".


According to signs at the building, Nancy could advise a person of their future by palmreading. The telephone number 849-5680 was advertised on two posters in the window: one for palmistry, and the other for phrenology.[1]

Ironically, the location where a psychic in 1985 would profess to read the future was an antique store in 2015, as the site was occupied by Blast from the Past. Marty walked into the store in 2015 and purchased Grays Sports Almanac, which had been sitting in the display window. In 1955, the site was the location of Roy's Records.

Marty McFly skateboarded past The Third Eye on the way to school on October 25.



  1. The telephone number is visible as Marty skateboards through town on the way to school, and can be seen even on a VHS tape. As it turns out, the number is also on the tow truck that brings the McFly's wrecked Plymouth Reliant back home, as well as a sign for Harry Kaven Realty, which in turn is hanging on the window of the former Bluebird Motel, which had most recently housed "Al's Tatoo and Art Studio"