The Transformers is a multi-media franchise from American toy company Hasbro and Japan toy company TakaraTomy.

The toy line centers around two sentient robot factions, the Heroic Autobots and Villainous Decepticons. Both sides, able to transform into vehicles or animals are in continual war with one another.

The franchise has seen numerous animated shows, films, video games and comic books.

Crossover with Back to the Future[]

In 2020, a Back to the Future themed Autobot from the Collaborative line going by the name Gigawatt was produced and sold.

Following the figure is a comic book crossover by IDW Publishing releasing a miniseries titled The Transformers/Back to the Future as of October 7 with the first issue.

The Transformers references to BTTF[]

Transformers Cybertron[]

  • "Hero": After Hot Rod burns himself out on a race, Red Alert warns him not to use some of his components, one of which is referred to as Flux capacitor.

BTTF cast and crew members involved with The Transformers[]


  • Norman Alden: Kranix in The Transformers The Movie (1986)
  • Neil Ross: Bonecrusher, Hook, Springer and Slag (The Movie) and other characters (1984 Animated Series)
  • Danny Mann: Cloudraker, Freeway, Lightspeed and Spoilsport (Animated Series)
  • Hal Rayle: Shrapnel (Animated Series and Movie)
  • Frank Welker: Megatron (Animated Series and Movie, as well as other incarnations of the character) and Galvatron (Animated Series).
  • Joshua Keaton: Jack Darby and other characters in Transformers Prime (2010)
  • Liam O'Brien: Underbite in Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015)
  • James Arnold Taylor: Crazybolt and Boostwing (RiD)
  • Troy Baker: Steeljaw (RiD)j

Comic book crew[]

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