Transformers/Back to the Future is a four-issue crossover comic miniseries from IDW Publishing that debuted in October 2020. The series sees the Transformers cast brought into the world of the beloved Back to the Future film series, released in celebration of the latter franchise's 35th anniversary, and picks up shortly after the events of the original film.


Teenage time traveller Marty McFly finally returns home to Hill Valley in 1985, content that all seems well at last. Unfortunately, a mistake on his part causes the Decepticons to become aware of the time machine created by his friend Doc Brown, and they plot to use it to conquer past, present, and future. Thus it falls to Marty to travel through time and stop them, aided by the time-travelling Autobot Gigawatt.

Creative team

The series was written by Cavan Scott, and illustrated by previous Transformers: Unicron inker and Back to the Future comic cover artist Juan Samu.

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