The Virtuous Husband was a comedy film released on April 12, 1931.


After Emmett Brown apparently singlehandedly put Kid Tannen behind bars, Edna Strickland, who had previously criticized Emmett's dangerous science experiments, decided to accompany him to the theater. In the original timeline, Emmett watched Frankenstein, which inspired him to continue with his inventions. However, Edna's influence made him watch 'The Virtuous Husband' instead, which indoctrinated him into listening to Edna and ultimately created the totalitarian future of 1986B. Luckily, a time traveling Marty McFly was able to prevent this future by splitting up their relationship.


  • The film's plot involves a man who, despite the fact that his mother has been dead for several years, still lives according to her wishes and instructions, which she has left behind in the form of letters. It is only with the help of his wife that the man decides to live his life properly and without the influence of his late mother. This is similar to Edna's perception of her relationship with Emmett. She sees science as limiting Emmett, and wants him to use his brilliant mind for more practical purposes. Edna, similar to the wife in the film, pulls Emmett away from this limitation and 'improves' him.


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