Timeline 37 was a timeline created when Marty McFly, Dr. Emmett Brown, and Einstein traveled from August 25, 1931 to May 15, 1986

Events  []


  • 1986
    • Thursday, May 15Marty travels to 1986 and is rescued by Jennifer. She gives him a tire iron and he gives her a flask. Afterwards, he runs into Biff. He does three things: gets caught with Lorraine's flask, showing public displaying affection (PDA) with Jennifer and haboring a dog: Einstein. He meets Citizen Brown and confronts him. Afterwards, he confronts Biff. An elderly Edna has Doc and Marty taken to the Citizen Plus ward.
    • Friday, May 16Jennifer, Marty, and Doc escape from Citizen Plus.
    • November: Doc finally recreates the DeLorean and returns to May 16. They go to 1931. This creates Timeline 38, which begins at Marty and Doc's entry point on October 12, 1931 and timeline 37 fades away.