Timeline 6 was a timeline which came into existence when an elderly Biff Tannen traveled from 2015 to the Cretaceous Period.


Cretaceous Period[]

  • Year unknown
    • Date unknown
      • Old Biff arrives from Timeline 5 to a time when the area that will become Hill Valley is covered by the Pacific Ocean. He sees the shoreline in the distance, and lands the DeLorean in a forest. He tries to find organic material to put in the Mr. Fusion, as the nuclear reactor light is flashing the warning that it is empty. A baby raptor steals the Blast from the Past bag that holds Grays Sports Almanac, and Biff kills it by hitting it on the head with his cane. He puts the raptor in the Mr. Fusion and travels forward in time to 1955.[1]


  • 1955
    • Saturday, November 12
      • Morning Old Biff arrives undetected. After hiding the DeLorean in an undetermined location, he then ventures into town to locate his younger self, who had crashed his car into a manure truck four days earlier, creating a lasting memory. As old Biff recalls correctly, his younger self will have to pick up his car from Western Auto later that afternoon.[2]
      • After an argument with Terry over the $302.57 bill, young Biff approaches Lorraine, who, accompanied by Babs, has just picked up her outfit for the dance from Ruth's Frock Shop. As he boasts to her that he will marry her someday, she rebuffs his advances. Biff is then about to jump into his car to drive home and get ready for the evening, when he encounters old Biff occupying the driver’s seat. Although old Biff is able to start the car, which no-one can do except Biff himself, Biff still fails to recognize him as his older self, who simply states that they are related and then informs him that it was his lucky day.[2]
      • Old Biff demonstrates the power of the almanac and convinces his younger self to hold on to it and to keep it in a safe. He also informs him to kill anyone who has knowledge about the almanac, specifically "some kid" or "a crazy, wild-eyed old man who claims to be a scientist".[2]
      • 6:38 p.m. Old Biff departs from 1955 back to 2015.[2]
      • At the dance, Biff is confronted by Mr. Strickland. Mr. Strickland had confiscated the almanac. Unknown to him, Biff had actually swapped the cover with an Oh Là Là magazine.
      • 9:50 p.m. Biff Tannen leaves the dance. He listens to a sports broadcast in his car. Biff is in shock in the almanac is true.[3]
    • Sunday, November 13:
      • Biff drives his grandmother, Gertrude Tannen, to Las Vegas so that she can play the slot machines.[4]
      • Since he is only seventeen, he cannot bet, so he gave money to his grandmother to bet on the Chicago Bears at the Turf Club. Two hours later, while eating at a diner, Biff learns that she did not bet on the Bears, and lost, making Biff twenty dollars poorer. Biff tells her to make another bet, on the Washington Redskins. The Redskins win the game, however Gertrude only gives Biff back his twenty dollars, and keeps the rest for herself. When she claims Biff is as greedy as his father, Biff states that he learned that from her. She then returns to play the slot machines.[4]
      • Outside of the Turf Club, Biff is approached by a shady man named Uncle Lou, who had seen Biff using the almanac to tell his grandmother which teams to pick. He kills Gertrude, and puts her in the back of his car to bury her. He plans to steal the almanac, kill Biff, and bury him next to her. However, when he tries to hit Biff with a tire iron, Biff catches it and kills him instead. Biff justifies the murder in his mind based on the fact that Lou had killed his grandmother.[4]
      • That night, Biff buries Lou, and takes all of the money in his briefcase. With the money, he goes to Al's Photography and pays to cover up the murder of Gertrude by having a death certificate forged that states she died of natural causes and was cremated.[4]
    • Tuesday, November 15:
      • Thirty-six hours after he paid for the death certificate, two officers from the Hill Valley Police Department arrive at the Tannen residence to let Biff know that the executor will be in contact with him shortly to work everything out, and offer condolences for the death of his grandmother.[4]
      • Outside Hill Valley High School, Lorraine Baines offers her condolences for the loss of his grandmother, and Biff tries to proposition her, before clumsily trying to apologize for his actions at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.[4]
      • Biff then tries to use the death of his grandmother as an excuse to Principal Strickland for his repeated absences. When Strickland tells him that he would be repeating his senior year for the third time, Biff tries to bribe him with some of Lou's money. Strickland then expells him from school, and Biff states that he intends to drop out.[4]
  • 1956
    • June
      • At the graduation ceremony for the Hill Valley High School class of 1956, Biff drops a water balloon on Principal Strickland's head.[4]
  • 1958
    • Friday, March 28
      • Biff turns 21 and uses Grays Sports Almanac to successfully bet on a horse race and make his first million. After a member the press tells him that he could win big in Vegas, Biff tells him that he's already been there and that he's going to Hollywood.[2][4]
  • 1959
    • Wednesday, October 14
      • Biff wins another large sum of money at a sports event. He is seen smiling on the cover page of the next day's edition of the newspaper.[2]
    • Thursday, October 15
    • Date unknown
      • Biff wins again and again, gaining the nickname "The Luckiest Man On Earth".[2][5]


  • 1960
    • Monday, April 4
      • Biff arrives at the awards after party of the 32nd Academy Awards held at the Beverly Hilton, interrupting Charlton Heston's speech. Going to the bar, Biff is approached by film producer Bernie Kessoff, who convinces him to start a film studio together, with Biff investing half a million dollars to get started.[6]
    • Monday, May 23[7]
      • Biff confronts Bernie about their studio's lack of progress and his casting choices, which Bernie justifies by claiming that he has some "outstanding commitments" (in reality, creditors) on a previous production that they need to finish first. Bernie manages to convince Biff to return to the Beverly Hilton hotel and start thinking about ideas for a movie starring John Wayne while he would get their current project finished up.[6]
      • At the hotel pool, Biff meets Marilyn Monroe and, after telling her that he is a producer and owns a film company, buys her lunch.[6]
    • Dates unknown
      • Bernie presents their film studio, Tannen Pictures, to Biff, who complains that the studio looks unfinished as the logo does not include his full name. After Bernie asks Biff for more money to fund the studio, which Biff is reluctant to do, a man arrives, delivering an expensive car to Bernie. However, Bernie claims he bought the car for Biff as a gift, handing him the keys.[6]
      • Biff notices Bernie interacting with a group of scantily clad women, whom Bernie claims are actresses.[6]
      • Running low on finances, Bernie convinces Biff to go to the racetrack to win more money. However, after winning, Biff is confronted by crime boss Deke Dirken, who explains that he runs things there and warns Biff to never come back there again.[6]
      • Biff hands the money to Bernie, who promises to finish their movie in two or three years tops.[6]
  • 19611962
    • Date unknown
      • Bernie asks Biff for more money, supposedly in order to fix production problems.[6]
      • Bernie asks Biff for money in order to take a boat trip to Cannes.[6]
  • 1963
    • Dates unknown
      • Biff refuses to give Bernie more money until they have a picture, to which Bernie replies that the picture was finished and that he needs the money to pay for the premiere.[6]
      • Lorraine and George are visited by a limo driver sent by Biff, who tells them that he is there to take Lorraine to the airport and her private jet, which would allow her to join Biff at his film premiere. However, George calls Biff through the limo's telephone, informing him of their marriage and telling him to stop harassing her. After informing Biff that Lorraine was pregnant, George tells him that this is his final warning and that he should never call her again. George then hangs up the phone, enraging Biff.[6]
      • Biff and Marilyn attend the premiere of his movie, Dreams of a Madman. However, the film is very poorly received, with many people leaving the theatre and Biff himself being unable to understand what the movie is even about.[6]
      • After the film received numerous bad reviews and Marilyn left him, Biff confronts Bernie and tells him that, since they had done the first movie Bernie's way, they are going to do the next movie his way, which includes hiring John Wayne. However, Bernie explains that John Wayne had not returned his calls and that they did not even have a script to show him even if he wanted to. Regardless, Biff decides to go get John Wayne by himself. Arriving at the set of McLintock!, Biff asks John Wayne to star in his new picture, The Legend of "Mad Dog" Tannen. However, Wayne is not interested, stating that he refuses to portray "degenerate low-life trash" like Mad Dog Tannen. Upset by Wayne's remark, Biff grabs him, only for Wayne to knock him out with one punch.[6]
      • Following the incident with John Wayne, Bernie is questioned by reporters regarding the state of Tannen Pictures and where Biff himself is. Bernie answers by stating that Tannen Pictures is as strong as ever and refuses to comment about Biff's whereabouts.[6]
      • At a bar, Biff encounters Ronald Reagan, who tells him about his plan to leave Hollywood and use his money to do something more meaningful with his life, suggesting to Biff that such a plan might apply to him as well.[6]
      • Upon returning to the film studio, Biff discovers that everything within the studio is being repossessed due to multiple legal matters by the state of California. Upon finding Bernie, who is trying to flee from the studio, Biff pretends to forgive him and takes him to the racetrack. Giving him money, Biff instructs Bernie to place the bet in Biff's name and ask for Deke Dirken. After placing the bet, Bernie is taken away by Dirken's henchmen and his body is found later on, having been shot 5 times in the head, with the coroner ruling it an "obvious suicide".[6]
      • After reading about Bernie's death, Biff urinates on Bernie's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as his final "kiss off" to him. However, Biff is spotted by a police officer and subsequently gets into his car and drives out of Hollywood, back to Hill Valley.[6]
  • 19641969
    • Dates unknown
      • After returning to Hill Valley, Biff marries, divorces and remarries. Babs becomes his second wife.[8]
    • December 25
      • Biff sends the McFly family a Christmas present.[8]


  • 1970
    • Friday, December 25
      • Biff sends the McFly family a Christmas present, a box of toys for their children, Dave, Linda, and Marty. After the seventh year straight of receiving presents from Biff, George states that it needs to stop. Lorraine wants to leave Hill Valley, but George convinces her to let the family stay as he doesn't want to take the children away from their grandparents.[8]
  • 1971
    • Thursday, January 21
      • Wanting a mansion in Hill Valley, Biff barges into the Hill Valley City Council meeting and demands that his mansion plans be approved. Council member Goldie Wilson states that the decision has to be unanimous, but Stanford S. Strickland vocally disapproves of the plans.[8]
      • After an attempt at bribing Strickland doesn't work, Biff and his gang, Match, Skinhead and 3-D, get drunk and devise a plan to get back at Vice Principal Strickland.[8]
    • Friday, January 22
      • Vice Principal Strickland receives a box of cigars with a card that claims they are from someone that thanks him for standing up to Biff Tannen. He lights one in his office at Hill Valley High School, and Biff takes a photograph of him through the window. The cigar explodes in Strickland's face, and his office catches on fire. He tries to use a fire extinguisher to put the fire out, but Biff had rigged it to accelerate the flames instead. Strickland rushes all of the teachers and students out of the school, and Biff sends the photograph to the authorities.[8]
    • Dates unknown
      • The Hill Valley Telegraph publishes the photograph of Vice Principal Strickland smoking the cigar in his office. S.S. Strickland is suspended from the city council pending an investigation into the fire.[8]
      • With Strickland off the council, Biff's mansion plans are approved.[8]
  • 1972
    • Dates unknown
      • When the mansion is completed, Biff holds a ceremony which awards Lorraine "Mother of the Year for 1972". However, Biff reveals that the ceremony is just a ruse to get Lorraine to show up to his mansion. Sam Baines is amazed at Biff's wealth, and tells Lorraine that she could have married Biff if he hit him with his car instead of "that other kid".[8]
      • Babs leaves Biff when she finds a fallout shelter full of statues and portraits of Lorraine underneath the mansion. An IRS agent, Mr. Keller, enters the fallout shelter and convinces Biff to create a corporation in order to benefit the Nixon administration, which would give president Richard Nixon deniability.[8]
  • 1973
    • Dates unknown (before March 15)
      • Biff creates BiffCo and buys much of the property in Hill Valley, including Otis Peabody's Lone Pine Ranch.[8]
      • George McFly, Goldie Wilson, Stanford S. Strickland, Mrs. Blumberg (the editor of the Hill Valley Telegraph), Mark Dixon, Terry, and two other individuals turn the Hill Valley Civic Committee into a secret committee with the sole purpose of stopping Biff.[8]
      • The Hill Valley Telegraph is sold to The Washington Post, to prevent Biff from buying it. They publish an article that is critical of BiffCo.[8]
      • Biff buys the Hill Valley Police Department, a television and radio station, and most of the property in Hill Valley.[8]
      • After participating in several protests against BiffCo, George is fired from his job at the university due to his protests being a conflict of interest with the university, due to Biff being their largest sponsor. At his car, George discovers a note from "a friend" claiming to know of a way to stop Biff and instructing George to go home and wait for his call.[8]
    • Thursday, March 15
      • While preparing to go to a ceremony to receive a book award, George receives a phone call from someone who claims to have evidence that would put Biff and his crooked politicians in jail. After the person instructs him to be at the park bench across from the clock tower alone at nine, George agrees to come, telling Lorraine to go to the dinner without him and that he would meet her there later.[8]
      • At the ceremony, Biff approaches Lorraine and offers to go out with his guys to find George.[8]
      • 9:20 p.m. As George prepares to leave the park, he is chased by Biff's truck into an alleyway. Biff reveals that there never was an informant and that he had been the one that made that call and left those notes. Biff then pulls out his gun and shoots George, killing him.[2][8]
    • Dates unknown (after March 15)
      • Biff marries Lorraine, who agreed to marry him in order to help her family, who had fallen on hard times due to the policies of BiffCo.[2][9]
      • Biff has Sergeant Stan Reynolds of the Hill Valley Police Department, who owes Biff money, plant George McFly's wallet on Red the Bum.[9]
      • The Hill Valley Telegraph posts a story about Red being arrested for George's murder on the front page, with an article about Biff's wedding to Lorraine inside the paper. This infuriates Biff, as he feels the wedding should be on the front. He immediately places a call to prepare his jet, so he can purchase The Washington Post and rename it The Biffington Post.[9]
      • Biff fires Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein after they asked for permission to continue working on the story about the break-in at the Watergate Hotel.[9]
      • Three days later, Richard Nixon personally offers his thanks for stopping the articles about Watergate, and tells Biff that he owes him. Biff asks for help running the paper, and Nixon tells him that he'll send his own men there to work on the paper to keep Biff's hands clean (although Biff thinks he is talking about the ink on the paper).[9]
      • Biff learns about the 22nd amendment to the United States Constitution that forbids a president for holding office for more than two four year terms.[9]
  • 19731975
    • Dates unknown
      • Biff begins to bet on sporting events in order to gain money to bribe state legislators to repeal the 22nd amendment, which would allow Nixon to run for a third term.[9]
      • Illinois ratifies the Repeal Amendment.[9]
  • 1975
    • Thursday, December 18
      • The 22nd Amendment is repealed and Nixon announces that he will seek a third term in office.[9]
  • 1976
  • 1977
    • Thursday, January 20
      • At the inaugural ball, Lorraine dances with President Nixon while Biff sits at a table next to Pat Nixon. Biff is then approached by Frank Sinatra, who informs him that his friends in Vegas, due to having lost a lot of money on him, will no longer be taking any more bets from Biff or his people. Sinatra then advices Biff that, since he can't beat the house, he should be the house instead, although Biff does not understand what he means.[9]
    • Thursday, January 27
      • After Biff and his gang are repeatedly prevented from placing bets, Biff realizes what "be the house" means and calls President Nixon to propose the legalization of gambling in California. However, Nixon suggests that they limit it to Hill Valley, stating that the legislators can rationalize that it's only one county and Biff will have a monopoly. Nixon promises that, although it may take a year or two, he will get it done.[9]
  • 1979
    • March
      • By a one-vote margin, the Tannen Initiative is approved by the state legislature, legalizing gambling in Hill Valley. Slot machines and roulette tables spring up in every bar and gambling clubs flood the town.[9]
    • Monday, September 3
      • The Hill Valley Civic Committee protests at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the destruction of the Hill Valley Courthouse. However, Biff arrives in a bulldozer, driving past the protesters and smashing it into the Courthouse, officially beginning the construction of his casino-hotel.[9]
    • Date unknown
      • Hill Valley High School burns down and is never rebuilt.[2]


  • 1980
  • 1981
    • Tuesday, March 3
      • While discussing the expansion of his casino-hotel, stating that they have to enlarge his head on the front of the building and add another ten stories on top of Tannen Tower, Biff is confronted by Lorraine, Dave, Linda and Marty about the fact that all the pictures of George are gone. When Biff dismisses their complaints, Dave angrily storms off.[9]
      • Going to the Hill Valley Civic Committee, Dave informs them about the safe hidden in the wall of Biff's office and they formulate a plan to crack open the safe on Friday night.[9]
    • Friday, March 6
      • In accordance with the plan, Dave disables the house alarm and leaves the door unlocked, when the family is supposed to all go out to dinner. Afterward, Terry sneaks inside Biff's office and begins cracking the safe. However, he is discovered by Biff, who had sent Lorraine and the children to dinner without going himself. Terry refuses to reveal who gave him the alarm code, which prompts Biff to order Sergeant Reynolds to start beating him to death. Before dying, Terry reveals that Dave was the one that gave him the information.[9]
      • Sergeant Reynolds and Mr. Keller forcibly take Dave to the outskirts of Hill Valley and force him to leave town by threatening the lives of his siblings and grandparents as well as instructing him to send his mother a postcard so she won't worry.[9]
    • Saturday, March 7
      • Marty calls Sergeant Reynolds in order to report Dave's disappearance and accuses Biff of being responsible. However, Marty's call is dismissed. Lorraine then informs Marty that she has decided to send him and Linda to boarding schools for their own safety. However, Marty accuses her of protecting Biff and remarks that at least he would be away from both of them.[9]
      • Terry's funeral is held, with the casket being closed as his body is too gruesome to look at. Biff sends black flowers to the funeral.[9]
      • The Hill Valley Civic Committee is approached by Emmett Brown, who informs them that he is in the process of constructing a time machine, which has the potential to stop Biff permanently.[9]
    • Date unknown (after March 7)
  • 1983
    • Sunday, May 1
      • After getting breast implants at Biff's request, Lorraine is driven by a cab back to Biff's casino-hotel from the hospital. After chastising Biff for not even sending one of his men to pick her up, Lorraine asks him whether he had heard from Marty, as neither she nor the school can reach him. However, Biff doesn't know about Marty's whereabouts and tells Lorraine to fix herself up for the new pictures Biff was going to take of her for the Biff Tannen Museum.[11]
      • Emmett Brown presents the time travel chamber to the remaining members of the Hill Valley Civic Committee. Doc explains that, since the only way to reliably get power is to hack into the city's power grid, the 1.21 gigawatts necessary for time travel cannot be sourced. Instead, Doc cut some corners in order to allow it to function. The limitations of using less than half of the energy needed to properly power the chamber means that there is only four hours of flux energy available before the time bubble protecting the time traveler will burst. This will cause the time traveler to fade from existence in the past and re-appear back in the chamber in the present.[11]
      • Strickland recalls a time that, while he was a teacher at Hill Valley Elementary School, he was going to send Biff to a military academy in Idaho after witnessing him assault the other children for the third or fourth time, but a senior teacher intervened. He remembers the date, May 16, 1946, as it was the day after he celebrated his birthday by supposedly watching The Postman Always Rings Twice at the Essex Theater. Doc connects the chamber to the power grid and uses his JVC camcorder to capture the moment. Strickland, wearing a suit that his father owned, steps into the chamber and disappears into the past.[11] This creates Timeline 7, which begins at Strickland's entry point in 1946 and Timeline 6 fades away.


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