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The Toyota Hilux 4X4 sits on the back of a flatbed delivery truck at Statler Toyota.

"They [Marty and Jennifer] stopped at the edge of the glass and looked inside at the salesmen circling potential customers like lions reading their attack on smaller beasts. "How come there are no used car saleswomen?" Marty asked. "I've never seen a woman selling cars, have you?" / Jennifer shook her head. "Maybe women can't lie as well as men," she offered. / Marty laughed, turned his gaze to a tricked-out four-by-four pickup truck in the showroom. "Hey, check out that four-by-four," he said. "Wouldn't it be great to take that up to the lake tomorrow night? We could put our sleeping bags in the back... make out under the stars." / "Mmmmm," Jennifer replied. / "Someday, Jennifer, someday," Marty said. "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, pages 18 and 19)
" Biff, standing with a deferential smile during the previous conversation [between the McFly family], took advantage of the silence to thrust a hand towards Marty. "Oh, Marty," he said. "Here's your keys. You're all waxed and ready for tonight." / "My keys?" Marty stammered. / Biff nodded. "I put it in the garage," he said. "Just in case it rains." / Turning and racing to the garage, Marty gasped with amazement when he opened the door. There sat a tricked-out black Toyota SR5 truck, as shining and beautiful as when it sat on the showroom floor. Only now it was his! / He ran to it, got inside and caressed the upholstery, gear shift, every switch and dial within reach. Opening the garage door, he was all ready to take a spin when he heard a familiar voice. / "How about a ride, mister?" / It was Jennifer, standing on the parking pad, looking as gorgeous as ever. "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 246 and 247)

The Hilux 4X4 is a pickup truck manufactured by Toyota, marketed as simply "Toyota Truck" in North America from 1973-95 with no model name mentioned in advertising, promotional material, or on the trucks themselves after 1975


In 1985, Statler Toyota received a delivery of a new truck painted in black. When Marty McFly returned from 1955, the improved present placed the vehicle in his garage and he had possession of the keys. Its license plate number was 2EZP916.

His plans shifted to driving Jennifer Parker up to the lake; however, Dr. Emmett Brown's arrival in the DeLorean time machine from 2015 halted those plans. Marty would return on Sunday to find Biff Tannen waxing his new truck. He drove to Jennifer's house and woke her up from the porch swing he and Doc had placed her on back in 1985A.

Marty and Jennifer drove past Hilldale where they had a recollection of the future, when Douglas J. Needles and his gang drove up beside them at a red traffic light and challenged them to a drag race. Marty declined, but after being called "chicken", he braced himself for takeoff. However, Marty put the Toyota into reverse when the light changed to green and Needles' Ford F-150 4X4 sped off. They watched as the near lane was soon taken by a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I pulling out of a side street, which Marty might have hit had he continued racing. In the original timeline, Marty had hit the Rolls Royce with his truck, creating a dismal future for himself through the chain of events it sparked. After Marty stopped the truck, Jennifer discovered that the fax she had taken back from that future erased itself, showing that Marty changed his future.

Marty drove Jennifer to the site of the DeLorean's destruction along the train tracks when they heard the sound of the pedestrian warning bells at the railroad crossing.

Vehicle specifications[]


Marty drives the Toyota up to Hilldale.

  • 1985 Toyota Hi-Lux pickup Deluxe 4x4 Xtracab
  • Air-conditioning
  • AM/FM cassette
  • Full instrumentation with tachometer
  • Solid front axle
  • 22R-E 2.4L 4cyl EFI
  • 5 speed manual transmission (W56)
  • RF1A transfer case (gear drive)
  • Smitty built tubular bumpers (front and rear, double tube)
  • Single tube roll bar
  • KC daylighter's (4 - 6" round, 2 - 3x5" rectangular)
  • US wheel model 94 Black Modular wheels (15x8)
  • 31x10.50x15" Goodyear Wrangler radials
  • Black exterior, gray interior
  • Rear slider window
  • Tinted rear slider and cab extension (approx. 20%)
  • Black grille, with black headlight doors (chrome accented)

Behind the scenes[]

  • In Back to the Future, the license plate number of Marty's Toyota Hilux 4X4 is 2EZP916. However, in the next two installments of the trilogy, the number has become 2BAK860.
  • In Back to the Future, and at the start of Back to the Future II, the truck has a single roll-bar and no KC covers on the lights, except on the first scene on top of the flatbed delivery truck where the yellow covers are visible. In the next scenes, it has a double roll-bar and KC covers on the lights.
  • On pages 246 and 247 of George Gipe's novelization (see second Quote above), Gipe makes the unfortunate mistake of having Marty open the garage door twice: once, to look at his new Toyota truck for the first time; and again, when he is about to take it for a drive.


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