Marty leaving Twin Pines Ranch.

"My pine! Why you... You space bastard, you killed a pine!"
—Otis Peabody

The Twin Pines Ranch was the ranch of Otis Peabody in 1955.

It consisted of a ranch house, and barn, and his prized twin pine trees, and was reached by means of a dirt access road leading from the main highway.


This was the location where Marty McFly appeared when he inadvertently time traveled back to 1955 from 1985 in Dr. Emmett Brown's DeLorean time machine. Marty hit and ran over a scarecrow on arrival and, out of shock, crashed into the Peabodys' barn. Due to a radiation suited Marty and the DeLorean bearing a close resemblance to an alien and spaceship respectively featured in Mr. Peabody's son Sherman's Tales from Space comic book, Mr. Peabody fired his shotgun at Marty. As Marty drove fast to get away from danger, he accidentally ran over one of Mr. Peabody's prized twin pines, leaving a lone pine. While Mr. Peabody was firing after the DeLorean, one of his shotgun blasts blew the Peabodys' mailbox to smithereens.

Many years after Mr. Peabody was thrown in the County Asylum the following morning, the farm was later sold off and the remaining pine cut down to make way for Twin Pines Mall (or Lone Pine Mall, after one of the pine trees was destroyed).

Marty noted that the ranch was a mile from Lyon Estates after the second trip to November 5, 1955.

Behind the scenes

  • The filming location for Twin Pines Ranch was at Golden Oak Ranch, off Placerita Road, in Newhall, California. It was previously used by Disney for filming and access is restricted.