The U.S. Cavalry branch plaque.


The U.S. Cavalry coming straight toward Marty.

" He [Marty] wondered why they [the Indians] hadn't stopped. Maybe they thought the DeLorean was some kind of covered wagon. Maybe the Pohatchees just had something more important to do. Whatever the reason, he supposed he should be relieved. / That's when he heard the bugle blowing 'charge'. / Marty looked back where the Indians had come from. / There was the United States Cavalry, a hundred mounted men strong, headed straight for him! / Marty knew what to say at a time like this: / "SHIT!" / He jumped into the DeLorean and slammed the door after him. / A moment later, a hundred cavalry horses leapt over the gully and the DeLorean, then rode away, in pursuit of the Indians. "
—From Back to the Future Part III novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 42)
"Shit, it's the Cavalry!"

The U.S. Cavalry was the mounted reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition branch of the United States Army. They rode their horses, to monitor the territory surrounding Hill Valley, in 1885.

On September 2, the cavalry began a chase of Pohatchee Indians, which ran into the DeLorean time machine. They chased the Pohatchee past the bear cave and continued after them as Marty McFly watched from the safety of the cave.


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