Pac Fax

A design drawing for the U.S. Mail's Pac Fax mailbox, as seen in Courthouse Square. Note that the box here advertises a "30 Second Service" as opposed to the ".05 Second Service" seen on-screen.

Courthouse 2015

The U.S. Mail's Pac Fax mailbox on a street corner in Courthouse Square. Marty McFly can be seen behind the mailbox's built-in fax machine.

"Right on the tick. If only the Post Office was as efficient as the Weather Service!"
—Dr. Emmett Brown, after his prediction as to when the scheduled rain showers will end proves accurate

The U.S. Mail — or the United States Postal Service — was the official system in the United States of America of carrying and delivering letters and parcels.


In 2015, the U.S. Mail also ran a fax service called Pac Fax, where public mailboxes had fax machines built in so that people could send faxes while on the move. One such mailbox was present in Courthouse Square, Hill Valley and advertised a “.05 Second Service”.

According to Dr. Emmett Brown, the U.S. Weather Service was more efficient than the Post Office. It is unclear whether Doc was joking.

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Kirk Cameron The Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy

Several mail sacks, containing fans' questions about the Back to the Future trilogy, are mounted on the back of the DeLorean time machine in The Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy, which can be just seen behind Kirk Cameron.


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