Old Biff: "Bet you a million bucks UCLA wins it, 19 to 17."
Young Biff: "What are you deaf, old man? He just said it was over. You lost!"
Old Biff: "Oh yeah?"
— While listening to the game in Biff's car

UCLA vs Washington was a football game that took place during the afternoon of Saturday, November 12, 1955.


Biff Tannen listened to the last play of the fourth quarter over the radio in his car with his future self from 2015. Old Biff had gone back in time to give himself the Grays Sports Almanac as he hoped to entice young Biff with the promise of being rich. As should be expected, young Biff did not believe the promise held any value, so to prove he had the scores for sporting events on hand, old Biff turned on the radio broadcast of the UCLA-Washington game. There was under a minute left and UCLA was losing, 17-16. The announcer even said "it's all over for UCLA", but old Biff then predicted that UCLA would win 19-17. A few seconds and a big field goal later, the score was proven correct. This example was enough to convince young Biff that he could be rich if he placed his bets accordingly.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Internet research yields that there was indeed a game between 4th-ranked UCLA and Washington on November 12, 1955 (at UCLA) and that the final score was, in fact, 19-17. UCLA's win came with 18 seconds to play when Jim Decker kicked a 35 yard field goal.[1][2] This game is the one mentioned in the film, with Decker's name being mentioned as the one who scored the goal for UCLA.
  • In the broadcast given in the film, the announcer can be heard declaring UCLA as the winner after the successful field goal. While the end result was correct, this is evidence that the broadcast was not genuine from the period, as multiple seconds still remained on the clock with a final kickoff remaining.




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