Unit N11-11

Officers Foley and Reese exit their squad car.

The cops picked Jennifer up and carried her to the police car. / 'Oh, no!' Marty whispered as the police car took off — straight up. The cops had Jennifer, and were taking her home. Home? Who knew where home was? / He had to find Doc Brown right away!From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 54)

Unit N11-11 was a unit of the Hill Valley Police Department in 2015.


Unit N11-11 consisted of two female police officers, Reese and Foley, and one hover converted squad car.

They found Jennifer Parker in the alleyway where Dr. Emmett Brown hid her temporarily and, after verifying her identity and where she lived using an identa-pad, returned her to the McFly residence in Hilldale.

Behind the scenes

  • Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis generally used the names "Reese and Foley" in scripts to describe any pair of police officers. In the first draft of Back to the Future, Foley and Reese were male characters, and were not police officers but officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, who came to arrest "Professor Brown". Other characters named "Foley" were a "theater cop" in I Wanna Hold Your Hand; a Private Foley in 1941 (played by John Candy, with Mickey Rourke as Private Reese); and a character in Used Cars.


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