Doc Brown poses at Stonehenge in England.

The United Kingdom, formally known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and informally known as Britain, is a country in Europe consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Wales became formally absorbed into the Kingdom of England in 1542. The Kingdom of Scotland united with the Kingdom of England in 1707, forming the United Kingdom. The Kingdom of Ireland united with the United Kingdom in 1801, forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In 1922, three-fifths of Ireland left the United Kingdom, leaving Northern Ireland as the only portion remaining in the United Kingdom.

In 1845, Ebiffnezer Tannen resided in London, England. He kept many of the townspeople in a debtors prison until Marty McFly posed as the Ghost of Christmas and convinced him to have a change of heart.

The McFly family lived in Ireland while it was part of the United Kingdom. Seamus McFly and his wife Maggie emigrated to the United States from Ballybowhill, Ireland in the late 19th century.

In 1993, Emmett Brown hung a picture of himself posing in front of the prehistoric English monument, Stonehenge, in his chicken restaurant. He also hung a picture of himself standing behind the Queen's Guard with a chicken drumstick.


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