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"His [Sam's] own career as an international terrorist dated back nearly thirty years and there had always been one member of the organization who wanted nothing but more killing. Sometimes it was the youngest member, anxious to show the others how tough he was; now, it was Uranda, a twenty-five-year-old ex-fashion model from Damascus who got her kicks by pumping bullets into other people's bodies."
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, pages 61 and 62)

Uranda was a member of the Libyan terrorist group.


Uranda was twenty-five years old, and had previously worked as a fashion model in Damascus.

She had been disappointed when she heard on October 25, 1985 that the nuclear weapon the group had hoped to build with the assistance of Dr. Emmett Brown consisted of used pinball machine parts instead of plutonium. However, she cheered up when Sam announced that they would kill Doc that same night.


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