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Martyvest1955.jpg Marty says:
"Gee, it's pretty heavy if you can't find IDW Publishing's Back to the Future comic books in your neighborhood. Ask your local newsdealer to get them!"

DocBrown.jpg Doc says:
"Great Scott! You don't need a time machine to make sure you don't miss a single issue of IDW Publishing's Back to the Future comic books. Just place a regular order with your local newsdealer!"

Jennifer-02.jpg Jennifer says:
"If you enjoy IDW Publishing's Back to the Future comic books, why not check out the trade paperbacks? You'll find them in all good bookstores!"


  1. The pages listed here refer only to the Back to the Future franchise — i.e. the movies — unless indicated otherwise.
  2. For those pages relating to stories in USA Today, for reasons of consistency I've treated the existing BTTFII movie props and the special "front page wrap" for the real life October 22, 2015 issue all as one large — and thankfully hypothetical! — newspaper. I felt to do this was easier than having to keep making references to a particular version of USA Today, and am sure fellow Futurepedia historians do too.
  3. If anyone has suitable photos, screenshots, and/or frames from IDW Publishing's Back to the Future comic books/trade paperbacks which could be used to illustrate the 'imageless' pages I've marked as such below, please feel free to add them. The same goes for the pages marked 'imageless — new images needed', where I've had to use images from elsewhere on Futurepedia to illustrate them; please feel free to add any new images (photos, screenshots, and/or comic book frames) you may have. This would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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